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Hi, I am Mutiat Adebowale. Business and Leadership coach, author, speaker and fun-loving entrepreneur. A Certified Associate Business and Leadership Coach, who previously worked as a radio broadcaster for 10 years, before choosing the path of coaching. Coaching to me, helped me changed the course of my life. Having gone through coaching myself, it's effects in my personal transformation cannot be over emphasized. I was living through the challenges of self- intimidation, low self-esteem and utter lack of identity, before I took control of my life after going through coaching interventions and learning to grow.
After starting my business in 2011, I have been able to build a successful coaching practice; where I support different individuals to turn their lives and businesses around for the better, with proven coaching methods and techniques, including NLP.
I also have a deep passion for writing, which has seen me publishing a number of books, which include my first anthology of poems, my client-getting guide: Attract your ideal online client, my leadership best seller: Transformational leadership manual, and Grace's adventures series and much more. As an ardent lover of growth and knowledge, I always explore different ways to learn, share my knowledge and add much more meaning to my life, while helping my clients grow, learn and transform their lives for better and greater achievements. Having a clear vision of purpose and staying true to my values have been fundamental factors, in my growth and keeping me stronger; helping me stride the tide.
Now, I help passionate business owners and leaders, smoothly navigate the wavy waters of leadership and entrepreuneurship, making their journey of building sustainable and profitable businesses, and leading effective result-driven teams, a stress free, less cumbersome task. 

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I have been so lucky to know that having someone hold your hands, walking you through those paths of life filled with thorns and spikes; no matter how fearful it is, can seem like passing through a vineyard. That was the opportunity that coaching gave me.
Let me be the one to hold your hand, as you climb higher, reaching, but just the top!
Keep being successful,
Your success partner,
Mutiat Adebowale

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  1. Decision Coaching
    Every big step starts with a decision and to make a difference in life, you must first decide it! Strong decision making skill, is vital to your success. Take that big step now!
  2. Transformational Business Coaching
    Transformational Business Coaching empowers my clients break lose, reach for their dreams and achieve far-reaching results. Book a session today!
  3. Simply You
    Are you confident that you are living for the purpose of your existence? Remember, no one else can give what you are meant to give. The world needs you. Take the purposeful living quiz, here.
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Hear from my Clients
  1. Titi Adegeye
    The 'simply you' Transformational Coaching programme is such a powerful resource for gaining control of your life. It was a sure deal. Thanks Mutiat for such a wonderful programme. Founder, Tee Combs – Home of Creams
  2. Amira Talab
    Investing in 'Untangle the roots' training programme, is yet my best investment so far, in personal development self-help programmes. I will sure do it again. CEO, Dove&Dollies Ent.
  3. Lynda Browne
    Mutiat is no doubt an extraordinary speaker with authority, who truly worths her salt. Coaching with her has always been inspirational, and helping me find clarity and purpose has indeed made the relationship ecstatic. Business Consultant