Dare To Be Outstanding!

Take The Confidence Challenge
Monday 5th-Sunday 11th of March, 2018

I am Brave!

Courage leads me!

I'm good enough!

It will be tough, but I've got to face it!

Yes! Let's do this!

Do you think we can get through?​​

Is your confidence making or breaking you?

Are you in control of your decisions, knowing that your possibilities are endless, or are you holding back, waiting for reassurance that you are capable, before you take a leap? Are you allowing other people’s opinions of you, rule your thoughts and actions, only to feel let down later, saying, “only if I had been more courageous"!
I don’t want that for you, because sometimes, it takes far too long to begin to take action, once locked in the cycle of low confidence and self-doubt.

Confidence is POWER and when you lack it, you LOSE YOUR POWER! 

Confidence can take a life time to build, while taking only a moment or two to crumble into tiny bits. Having a confident demeanour can start very early in life; as young as toddlerhood, but most times,  it’s learned late, which is better than never.
Some people are fortunate to have had great people around them, who instilled positive values in them, which in turn made them believe that they could become or do anything in life. Others did not! Worse still, lived and grew in environments that perhaps thrived on others’ lack of confidence.  It has been studied and scientifically proven that confident people carry a different persona; one of poise, high self-worthand self-esteem, strong radars between right and wrong, and an ability to lead or convince others to follow.
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Would you rather choose confidence and stand out and be who you want to be? Or allow other people and debilitating thoughts ruin your potentials, leaving you to the wrought of unfulfilled dreams and ambition? Are you ready to give it all it takes and begin on a purposeful journey of confidence, influence and adventure?

Take the 7-day confidence challenge, to overcome all elements of self-doubt, low self-esteem and low-self-worth and develop solid, un shakeable self-confidence.

The fact is, people who are not confident are less likely to succeed, because they constantly second-guess their own ability to do things. They have excuses and often fall short of their own expectations, as well as failing to meet up to the perceived expectations of others.

Are you familiar with any of these sentences?
“I can never do that, because I didn’t receive any formal education.”
“I’m not cut out for these things.”
“My mum never showed me how to do that when I was growing up.”
“I’m not qualified enough to educate anyone.”

Listen! confidence is KNOWING. You must know you are good enough, without blaming anyone else (past, present or future) of your character faults. If you haven’t done something before, teach yourself how to do it. You can learn anything. So, why allow low confidence to take away your pride?

Your pride is your success. Stop blaming your parents, your family, or your imperfect partner, or your kids, and most of all, yourself.

The power of confidence is ‘DOING’.  It is the knowledge that no matter what you do, you will not fail.

Take the 7-day confidence challenge and achieve more, in as little time, and you can take this with you, as you continue to achieve greater heights.

This is what you will take away from the 7-day confidence challenge:

Ability to dream big and reach your goals
Learn how to deal with reject immaculately, with grace
Learn to speak and express yourself in public without fear 
Learn to socialise and network with other people with ease and comfort
Be confident to negotiate business deals and charge your worth
You'll know how to influence and convince others without being pushy
Learn to love yourself unconditionally
Stop being dependent on others for validation and believe more in your abilities
Gently push yourself outside of your comfort zone and learn how to attract the magic to your life

*All Learning Materials are accessible For Your Use at Your Own Pace.

Practical easy step-by-step guide, all through the seven days.
I discovered the power of confidence in getting you more contracts, clients and significamce, after taking this seven-day challenge. 
Learning new tips everyday and using them made it easy for me to get out of my way and started trying new things.
The workbooks, video training and habit change techniques that Mutiat shared were so invaluable, they changed my life.