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I speak to business owners who struggle to attract their ideal clients in their business, waste loads of money on marketing strategies that don't work for them and worst still, work so hard, that by the end of the day, they are too worn out to attend to other important stuffs in their lives.

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Don't get exhausted over nothing. Infact, you shpould be doing less and earning more in your business and that's what this session is about.

Do you want to work less in your business and earn more money and profits?

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Do you want to learn the crucial steps to success without spending half of your life time struggling endlessly?

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I work with Business Owners who are ready for Breakthrough anmd Excited about Taking Concrete Actions.

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As an entrepreneur and business coach, I ensure that my clients achieve far-reaching results, by becoming their thinking partner, with whom they investigate and get rid of their underlying operational patterns, which have been undermining their capacity, to achieve their goals.
This is why I commit my transformational business coaching to clients who are ready and willing to take a leap into the reality of making big things happen in their lives.
I have adopted transformational coaching method with my business coaching clients, because it is results oriented, requires that my client are ready to be accountable for what occurs in their lives.

Distinguishing business operations from the ever-present human dynamics, which affect our ability to deliver optimal performance, enables clear, effective, and rapid change to processes and procedures. Hence transformational coaching, allows clients to manifest their vision, through coaching to their personal dynamics, empowering them to create shifts that will enhance taking committed actions that will produce their intended outcome.
My coaching methods will help you build a strong and viable business, with tools and resources tailored around your skills, strengths and talents.
With my business coaching:

You will be able to find focus and vision for your business and quickly grow it to the level you want 
You will discover how to spend less time working in your business, with more profit in a targeted time frame
You will learn and begin to use proven strategies and techniques
You will shift your mindset to being more focused and conscious, with the core fundamental principles that help you grow as an entrepreneur

All these and more, while providing you with tools to build and grow your business with precise marketing strategies that best suit your individual needs.

Hear what other clients are saying:

With just one session, I tuned my profit up by 50%. Thank you, Mutiat

Maureen Elliot
Owner, Mistress Mistress

The strategic Business Session was truly Transformational, with so much insights that I was shown and the deep exercises covered. Mutiat's expertise truly came to fore during this session!

Stella Edu
Care Provider/Registered Manger

I was literally on fire after this session and could not believe how one hour could do such a tremendous change to the way I do business

Troyyann Etim
Manger, Gym Wit
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