Advanced Leadership
Accelerator Coaching
Training Programme

The Leadership Programme That Guarantees Extraordinary Success

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by your job overload? Do you worry that your results and competence are constantly questioned by you or others? Do you desire more lustre and shine within your team or wished there was a better way to lead them and achieve top-notch results?

The Advanced Leadership Accelerator Coaching Training will show you a comprehensive model of how to engage, grow and build a community of high performing loyal team members and give you tools and resources to communicate with confidence, lead with influence and muster the ability to adapt your inner power and outward performance to diverse situations, for best results?

Do you want to create influence and momentum within your team? This programme will show you how to build unwaning influence, built on trust! With this programme, you will develop the capabilities needed for strategic leadership and dealing with decision-making glitches. You will learn the techniques for dealing with difficult colleagues, conflict, and criticism. You will also understand how to manage limiting beliefs and the importance of reaching for the opportunities before you.

The programme is divided into six modules, all of which are very vital to your leadership career development.

Module one
Empowering yourself to be a great leader- This module will guide you on how to be clear on your leadership and professional purpose and you will get hands-on tools and resources to make your ideas come alive. You will discover the best strategies to improve your performance as well as your teams’ and the best part is that this module will reveal to you, the one biggest obstacle to your career development and how to overcome this.

Module Two
Strategies for effective team building – understand why teams underperform – This module will teach you all you need to know about team building, the dynamics of human behaviour and how to manage different personalities. You will learn how to actively engage and motivate your team members and learn how to overcome underperformance. You will understand the concept of team rebellion (bullies) and how to manage this effectively.

Module Three
In Module three, you will learn different techniques of how to boost your Confidence and maximise your Influence. You will learn how to overcome the fear within that gets you trapped with low confidence and makes it hard for you to ask for what you deserve. I will show you that it is possible for you to own your voice and be recognised as a force for change, growth, and development, within the workplace. You will also Understand how your energy and presence influences others. This Module will show you how to build your personal brand and gain visibility.

Module four
Module 4 is all about building your network, both internal and external –  You will learn valuable relational skills and know how to connect with notable people that can move you up the ladder through great opportunities that are open to them. You will learn to share your value and learn how to follow up on your new networks. Learn how to ask for new deals and opportunities.

Module  Five
Resources Management
This module will make you more efficient in managing the resources that are within your reach. You will understand the number game and know why and how to be more effective with time management, income generation, and generally making the best use of the resources you have.

Module Six
Module 6 is about learning the advanced Negotiation Skills – This module will show you all you need to know about effective negotiation, teaching skills such as:

•Effective verbal communication
.Effective Speaking


•Reducing misunderstandings

•Rapport Building

•Problem Solving

•Decision Making


•Dealing with Difficult Situations and ensuring a win-win situation

Bonus Module

Effective Communication (Bonus Module) This module will discuss the different methods of communicating in business and the appropriate use of tone and language in your communications.
You will learn to plan your communication and the different forms of written business communications.
You will cover face-to-face and phone communications as well as focussing on listening skills, questioning skills, body language, and personal networking.
Presentation skills will look also be looked at and how to alleviate fears associated with delivering a presentation, preparing and structuring a presentation and more.

So these are all what this programme will cover and how these will this be delivered?

What’s included in this programme are:

12 High –value video training – £1, 580

Bonus Audio Tracks – £180

6 live training with Q&A – £3,600

12 Done for you email templates on negotiation, asking for a raise, asking for a promotion, dealing with a difficult colleague, breaking new deals with clients and setting team performance expectations. – 324.00

Time management templates – £50

Goal checker template – £50

Getting unstuck and clarity workbook – £50

Confidence score card – £50

Private FB group

Free email support for up to eight months – £1,097

Total - £6981  Pay only £997 today.

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What Students have said about this Training Programme

Julie O’shaw
Media Consultant

Before I joined Mutiat’s Leadership Accelerator programme, I could hardly challenge anything that was pushed before me at work. I always had problems voicing my opinions during the meeting and everyone thought it was okay to have a piece of me. After the first module of the course, I understood that I was of huge value to my organisation and began to ask for the recognition and respect that I deserved, using the techniques thought in the first module of the course.

Navida Usman

I thought it was okay to always put up the impression that I was a ‘fierce, no nonsense, boss because I thought this would make my employees sit up and perform, but the more I did this, the less I got out of them. After taking Mutiat’s Leadership training and applied the knowledge I gained, I improved my leadership knowledge, helped my team to perform much better than previously and increased revenue for my organisation by 22% within 3 months.

Housing Executive

I work for a non- profit organisation, and the knowledge I gained from this training has made it possible for me to build a team that is more enthusiastic and energetic more than ever before.

Janna Neal

Female Professional
My confidence grew significantly after taking Mutiat’s leadership cause, allowing me to better use my skills and improved other skills such as presentation skills and relational skills.