Start 2018 With Big Wins. Don’t Live For Less
January 22nd - 26th January

Challenge Yourself  For Your Best Year Ever!

Propel your confidence and Abundance Five day challenge

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Mutiat Adebowale
Personal Development Expert, Author, Speaker, Business & Leadership Coach

Are you ready to make 2018, your best year ever? Are you ready to accelerate your achievement and uplevel your goals of good health, better relationships, wealth and much more.
Do you want to set a defined direction, that will take you from clueless to meaningful and resultful actions in your career and business?
If you’re up for the best ever ibn 2018, come take part in our small group challenge.
Propel Your Confidence and Abundance five day challenge, to help you set the pace and give clarity for the bigger picture you want delivered to you, this year.

In this five day challenge, we will cover:
  • What you have been doing so far, to give yourself the love and kindness you deserve and how you can improve on that.
  • How to boost your confidence and claim with courage every greatness that you desire in business and your career
  • Best health and wellbeing practices and how you can turn your health goals into a reality
  • How to make the most of your relationships so that people naturally crave your presence
  • How to attract Wealth and keep it
  • Lots of worksheets for practice
  • Special Facebook Community

What’s been stopping you from achieving your goals? Is it the little voice telling you you’re not enough? The other people you see and think they are successful than you and wonder if you can ever match up?
This is the right time to set the records straight.
Come clear the grounds for all the goodies filled in this year, so that begin propel your success from the outset. Don’t get lost in stream of distractions around you, because no one can find you but you. Come and take charge of your life and let the greatness within shine.

Hear what other clients are saying:

Mutiat is a very dedicated and attentive Coach. With just one session, I tuned my profit up by 50%. Thank you, Mutiat

Bhambre Lee, Business Woman

The five day challenge was truly transformational, with so much insights that I was shown and the deep exercises covered.
Mutiat's expertise truly came to fore during these sessions!

Dan Toki, Teacher

I was literally on fire after this session and could not believe how one hour could do such a tremendous change to the way I do business

Jane Doe, Interior Designer

​Mutiat's attention to detail is so intense, that every minute spent with her, is never put to waste.

Millicent Mulenga, Registered Manager