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Transform the Way You Use Your Mind to Attract Abundance, Wealth and Peace of Mind effortlessly.

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  • Are you living everyday wondering if you’ll ever have enough to spend without worrying?
  • Do you want to be able to do what you love and be rewarded with wealth, fulfilment and peace of mind? Are you always procrastinating to the point that important goals slide away and you want to know how to overcome this?
  • Do you want to be able to use the power of your mind to transform your life and relationships for better?

If any of these resonates with you, then I have an invitation for you.

Join hundreds of people who have chosen to untangle the roots of their blocks and transformed their lives, using my ‘STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS’, to power their lives for unimaginable greatness.

The results of this program have always been life-changing—but it has only been available to a very small group, and I got thousands of requests from people who wanted the same amazing results in their lives, to roll out the programme again.

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What you will get from this unparalleled programme:

Learn how to use your state of mind and consciousness to directly boost your wealth and abundance
Discover the greater you and expand your bounds  full out, to encounter more opportunities for advancement and growth
Become unstoppable with quick tips to instantly harness the power of your mind and stop struggling with achieving success
Adopt an abundant mindset and wave goodbye to your limiting beliefs that have held you familiar to lack and scarcity.
Discover an enormous shift in your attitude towards money and transform how you attract money into a fun and enjoyable experience.
Begin a new experience of self and discover how loving  yourself unconditionally can increase the success rate in everything that you do.
Discover how to draw in high motivation to excel in your career or business, and jump on the opportunities surrounding you.
Finally quit procrastination and drive home your happiness and success
Plus, get a free bonus training on how to attract wealth and increase your financial abundance

What other people are saying about Mutiat's Life Coaching For Success Course

"Mutiat Took me from a place of acute self doubt to firm confidence"
Bella Stuart
Owner, Bella squash and shakes

Absolute no brainer! I instantly got my breakthrough from the shackles of negative self-talk and dampened spirit. It ignited my self-belief and boosted my confidence after too many years of trial and error that completely killed all my hopes of building a business of my own. I am now running a successful catering business without the fear of failure and a strong will to face the future with greater optimism. Thank you Mutiat for making all these possible.

"Glad I took the Training"
Abby Olufoyeke
Minds a right Training

Taking Mutiat’s Untangle the roots coaching programme has really given me the structure I needed in managing and planing my life and business. Even though, I had tons of information as well as the skills and experience in my profession as a trainer and speaker, somehow I never got around to doing anything purposeful until I took the programme. I now have the right details and answers for some of the actions I have taken in the past and I know better as to the mind set I need to develop for specific results as well as actions I need to take.

"My Best Investment ever, For My Business Growth"

Enny Shotie
Party planner/Chef, at PK Edibles

The training is fantastic! I was able to get clear on my goals, got unstuck from my self-created barriers and was able to launch my first major product in less than three months of taking the programme. The value of the programme is exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend it to people struggling to make of their business or life goals.

"Mutiat was so Succint in this Training"

Anna Townsend

Registered Manager, Agape Homes

Untangle the roots training dramatically improved my sales success and helped me know how to positively channel my energy towards what brings the results I crave. Now I'm having more fun with my business, doing the right things at the right time, and taking responsibility for my decisions and choices. I'm more confident about using my authentic strengths and not letting my weaknesses weigh me down but finding a way to turning them to greater strengths.


"This Training Brought back my happiness and confidence to live truly"

Happier mum

Untangle the roots, really helped me in sorting the mess I was in. Before I took the programme, I was utterly confused and vividly sad the way my life was going. I tried different methods and read lots of book but I did not get the result I wanted. With untangle the roots, I began to unlock the keys to my success, one after the other when I started identifying where exactly the problems had come from and I began to open up to the obstacles and started letting go of the stems of stagnation that I had clung to all the while. This programme is intense and truly mind blowing.

"The untangle The Roots Training Programme was a game changer for me and my company"
Founder, JP Management Consultancy


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