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Speaking and Facilitation

Mutiat,is a prolific motivational speaker, trainer and facilitator,who leads and designs training programmes, workshops and seminars – on Personal Performance and development, leadership and management, entrepreneurship, professional development, team building, and developing excellent communication skills.

I facilitate all sizes of groups and teams and trainings may be delivered in our premises or your premises.

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Decision Coaching

Decision Coaching

Every big step starts with a decision and to make a difference in life, you must first decide it! My decision coaching method combines the elements of wise decision making process and intuition fielding. You will be taken from a state of 'no- clue' and lack of clarity, to taking calculated actions with defined set-goals.
There is no doubt that, decision making is hard, despite our high intellects and ability to think. This is because when making decisions, many other internal and external factors come to fore, which makes the process more complicated than usual.
Strong decision making skill, is vital to anyone who aims to achieve greatly, as your ability to make the right decisions will correlate directly to your success.

With my decision coaching:

  • I will help you become clear about your personal values and how they impact your decisions
  • I will work with you to set the criteria for a successful decision, while developing and evaluating your options
  • We will organise the decision process into achievable steps and support you through each stage, to avoid common decision-making mistakes
  • Using proven tools and techniques, I will help you analyse the issues, assess the risks and evaluate your options, to ensure you make the best decision, weighed from all sides.

Making decisions can be a significant transition period for anyone, hence your readiness to accept change and try new things.

“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful...”
José N. Harris

To make that important decision, before it gets out of control,  

A full session takes about 45mins, but please block out about 60mins, to take advantage of my generous offer.
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Transformational Business Coaching
As an entrepreneur and business coach, I ensure that my clients achieve far-reaching results, by becoming their thinking partner, with whom they investigate and get rid of their underlying operational patterns, which have been undermining their capacity, to achieve their goals.

This is why I commit my transformational business coaching to clients who are ready and willing to take a leap into the reality of making big things happen in their lives.
I have adopted transformational coaching method with my business coaching clients, because it is results oriented, requires that my client are ready to be accountable for what occurs in their lives.

Distinguishing business operations from the ever-present human dynamics, which affect our ability to deliver optimal performance, enables clear, effective, and rapid change to processes and procedures. Hence transformational coaching, allows clients to manifest their vision, through coaching to their personal dynamics, empowering them to create shifts that will enhance taking committed actions that will produce their intended outcome.

My coaching methods will help you build a strong and viable business, with tools and resources tailored around your skills, strengths and talents.

With my business coaching:

  • You will be able to find focus and vision for your business and quickly grow it to the level you want 
  • You will discover how to spend less time working in your business, with more profit in a targeted time frame
  • You will learn and begin to use proven strategies and techniques
  • You will shift your mindset to being more focused and conscious, with the core fundamental principles that help you grow as an entrepreneur

All these and more, while providing you with tools to build and grow your business with precise marketing strategies that best suit your individual needs.

A full session takes about 45mins, but please block out about 60mins, to take advantage of my generous offer.

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'Activate The New You' Coaching Session

Stop Chasing The Shadows

Activate The New You' Coaching Session is a 60-minute turbo charged coaching session, that opens up the newer you within you. This session, helps you get unstuck instantly and keeps you right on your toes for transformative actions.
This session uses hands on methods and techniques, to help you shift your mindset and begin to apply the rule of reformative acceleration, to heighten your personal growth and intuition. 
The purpose of the session, is to enable you quickly get into form, so that the happiness, success, wealth and a fair share of good health, that you have always wanted be come a full fledged part of your life.

No doubt, these are perhaps some of the most sought after treasures of life. Unfortunately, not very many people are enjoying all these treasures even though they are very much within reach.

If you are struggling to attain any of these treasures, all you need to do is to learn to harness your energy in order to flow in the right direction, listen to your soul and everything you need for a purposeful life, will come calling with ease.

You can achieve this effortlessly with an 'Activate The New You'  coaching session.

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